About me

Hi! I'm Pai. Thank you for visiting my blog.

I'm currently teaching at Nakhon Ratchasima Rajabhat University with my research interest spanning from natural language processing, renewable energy, and catalytic coating. Though I still enjoy discussion on semiconductors, be it the science or the industry since it's part of my main training (where I got my Ph.D. and did my internship). You can visit my research website at pbuabthong.com.

At my university, I'm also involved with thousand other projects that are not directly related to science, like provincial big data project, poverty alleviation in Nakhon Ratchasima, or disaster risk management. Check out this cool visualization here.

Outside of my main research, I'm passionate about education, business, and finance. Back in 2010, I was fortunate to get a government scholarship to study in the states until I got my Ph.D., which really broadened my horizon and shaped the way I view the world. After I moved back to Thailand in 2021, I realized many of the opportunities and freedom were gone, either from the lack of capital or the extreme bureaucratic labyrinth in Thailand. Nevertheless, I believe I can thrive and achieve financial freedom despite my academic commitment. I hope to use this platform to share my thoughts and my journey along the way and hopefully, help others achieve their goals and create a life of abundance.

-- Pai